Uncategorized January 6, 2024

Why you should consider a New Home. A new home built to suit you, could be the perfect fit.

Technology is making a difference in our lives and it’s clear to see when touring new homes. Below are some things to consider.

🔑Always work with a realtor when shopping new home communities.  Builders view buyers with agents as more likely go under contract and close, which makes the likelihood of negotiating terms more favorable. (Include your agent from the start, builders will most likely exclude your realtor if you visits the first time without your agent. Call me before viewing new homes.)


https://tlanerealtor.com/move-meter    Open this fun tool to compare lifestyles in different cities.

Perspective on a New Home, they can initially be more expensive than a resale, but consider this:

-First, a $50,000 price difference won’t make that much difference in their monthly housing payment, particularly if they have a 30-year mortgage. *Builder often offer incentives, such as have in house lenders, sometimes offering lower rates.

-A new home tends to be more expensive, but don’t forget to factor in the upgrades, repairs and remodeling that need to be done when buying resale.

-You can personalize a new home and choose a floor plan that’s tailored to you without it costing as much as it would to remodel an existing home.

-A new home meets higher standards for energy-efficiency, which saves money on utility bills.

-Because all the systems and appliances are new, buyers don’t have to be concerned about replacing them for many years.

-A new home comes with a warranty provides peace of mind and savings. (example, replacing an air conditioning system can cost $5,000 to $15,000)

-Landscaping may be the only project new home buyers may need to take on, depending on how much the builder has included.

🔑 Contracts can be challenging, a builders contract can heavily favor the builder. Unlike realtors, builders don’t use a standardized contract. If there are 50 builders, there are 50 unique contracts.

There’s no reason to go it alone, every client deserves representation by an advocate, strategist and negotiator.  There is no cost to you, but as your agent I work to make the process as seamless as possible, while saving your hard earned money. Here are just a few builders links and examples of builders incentives, check out their website’s then call me.  There are many more builders and communities to choose from.  Touring homes is exciting, let’s set up a tour for you!